U.S. Copyright Law: AI Technology Licensing
By Jill Hubbard Bowman Introduction A license is merely permission to act. Usually, the owner of an intellectual property right (like a copyright) to the technology grants a license (permission) to another company to do something with the technology it can’t legally do without permission. If a cop...
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U.S. Copyright Law Infringement
By Jill Hubbard Bowman Generative AI Litigation In the U.S., more than 14 cases have been filed involving AI technology in federal courts.[i] Cases allege copyright infringement based on reproduction of input data used during the AI model training process. Some plaintiffs also claim the generative A...
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U.S. Copyright Law Rights
U.S. Copyright Rights By Jill Hubbard Bowman A U.S. copyright owner has the exclusive rights to: [i] reproduce the copyrighted work. prepare derivative works based upon the work. distribute copies of the work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership or by rental, lease, or lending. perfo...
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U.S. Copyright Law Basics
By Jill Hubbard Bowman I.  U.S. Copyright Law Basics Unprotectable Subject Matter [i] The purpose of U.S. copyright law is to “promote the progress of science and useful arts.”[ii] Granting authors exclusive rights for some uses of their creative expression in their works was meant as an incent...
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U.S. Copyright Law Analysis Questions
By Jill Hubbard Bowman A copyright analysis under U.S. law for potential protection of AI technology or potential infringement is complex. The AI processing pipeline for development and deployment of AI technology involves many actors, actions, and types of technology. But any analysis should start ...
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The Copyright Circus of the Century
By Jill Hubbard Bowman Artificial intelligence (AI) has turned copyright law on its head.[i] AI has also caused widespread confusion about the availability and scope of copyright protection in the United States. Questionable, unbalanced copyright assumptions include: Copyrights protect all works on ...
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